Tie Dye Workshops

These days, we are living at the height of consumerism, in a society ruled by instant gratification, always looking for the next thing to buy or way to look defined by corporations and marketing. Fast fashion is on the rise and is a major contributor to carbon emissions, landfill waste, and poor working conditions for fellow human beings - all for us to wear a new piece of clothing one or two times. Not only have we lost our respect for people and the environment but our creativity too...

But you can make choices that make a difference. We are Tie Dye High Five, a creative community, crafting against fast fashion by encouraging people to tap into their creativity and upcycle old garments into something new through tie-dye. Our tie-dye workshops have popped up at events, festivals and at an array of venues around the world - with thousands of people upcycling garments to wear proudly out and about once again. Come craft with us, be part of our community, or get in touch if you want to collaborate. 

"Making the world a brighter place"

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We align our values and mission to support SGD 12 "Responsible Consumption and Production." Read why it matters here.

What we do

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We can pop up anywhere in the world to run a tie-dye workshop with you (all we need is a water supply). We run:

  • Workshops - these last 1.5 hours and include all the equipment and guidance you need to DIY

  • Drop-in dye sessions - these can run for hours, or even days, with stations set up ready to welcome tie dye high fivers

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We also work with like-minded brands to produce collaboratory product and partner on special projects with corporations or organisations related to upcycling, creativity and crafting for the good of the world.


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If you can’t make a workshop or not sure where we are, don’t let that stop you. Join the “creative community against fast fashion” by tie-dyeing an old garment at home and posting your creations with #dontbuydiy for all to see. It's free to do this, no threads attached.  Follow @TieDyeHighFive, sign up for our newsletter or check out our blog. 


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