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TDHF In The News: Financial Times

"We want to encourage people to upcycle and re-use their clothes, to keep them for longer - it's good for the environment. True tie-dye gives old clothes a new life."

Last month, our founder Hannah spoke to Lou Stoppard at the Financial Times about tie-dye making a comeback (as if it had ever gone away). In the honest interview Hannah explained the Tie Dye High Five mentality - "don't buy, DIY" and where brands have got it wrong. Tie-dye is a tool to help us fight against fast fashion, not add a load of NEW (printed) tie dye t-shirts into circulation. We've been approached by high street brands to develop prints to create bulk tie-dye tees - we said no. We exist to help people tap into their creativity, craft themselves and upcycle old into new. We don't exist to add to the mighty fast fashion problem that exists in 2019!

Read the piece here.

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